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The following Gina's Blessings students have graduated from High School.  We are so very proud of these outstanding young people and their sponsors who made this significant achievement possible.

Tom and Eileen Smith.001.jpeg
New Slides Jan 2019.004.jpeg
New Slides Jan 2019.010.jpeg
New Slides Jan 2019.007.jpeg
Sponsors slides.004.jpeg
Sponsors slides.005.jpeg
New Slides Jan 2019.005.jpeg
Sponsors and Children 2015.018.jpg
B. Davis.001.jpeg
Chitty Sponsor Slides.002.jpeg
Chitty Sponsor Slides.003.jpeg
Sponsors and Children 2015.059.jpg
Lake Area Bible Church.001.jpeg
Sponsors and Children 2015.032.jpg
Sponsors and Children 2015.040.jpg
Sponsors and Children 2015.007.jpg
Smith L 3.jpeg

Check out one of our first graduates, Gladys Meele on the left.

On the right is a recent 2022 graduate, Lamayian Saiguran thanking his sponsor.

Listen to these gracious thank you videos. 


We thank the all of the generous and loving sponsors of Gina's Blessings children. Please consider joining this faithful team in ministry.




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