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Gina's School is an adult literacy program for villages of the Maasai tribe in the Loita foothills of Kenya. It began when we discovered that one of the Christian pastors in the area could not read or write. This was obviously a problem. It's difficult to preach the word of God if one cannot first read it.

Rather than sending the pastor to school in the city, it was decided it would be better to bring the school to him. An instructor could then teach both the pastor and any adults in the village who also wanted to learn to read and write. The instructors selected are pastors from nearby villages who give their time for this ministry. This literacy program is currently reaching more than 40 individuals from four different congregations.

Gina's Adult Literacy School would like to find sponsors for three other villages and to expand this program to other remote areas of Africa. Funds for Gina’s School provide needed educational supplies and to assist the teaching pastors, enabling them to better care for their families and the children they are often called upon to care for.

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