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Gina's Blessings
Sponsored Children
"Gina's Kids"



The mission of Gina's Blessings  is to support orphan and disadvantaged children in the Masai tribal region of Loita Hills in Southern Kenya. For just pennys per day, you can send a needy child to a high quality boarding school, enabling that child to have a life that is not only safe and nurturing and give a quality educational foundation that allows for a bright future.

Pastoral Support

Our partners in Kenya, Pastor Solomon Saiguran, Pastor Joseph Nkulai and others, are in significant need of additional monetary support.  These men of God are the Pastors of the congregations that shepard each of the Gina's Kids children.  They personally provide transportation to and from school for all of the children, and have made personal sacrifices to allow students who lost sponsorship to remain in school.  Your support dollars provide great assistance to these amazing Pastors in Loita Hills through the Campaign for Christ Ministries.




God's House is a project to build churches in Africa for existing Christian congregations.


Gina's School is an adult literacy program offered through the local churches for villages of the Maasai tribe in the Loita foothills of SW Kenya.

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