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The Well Project

The Well Project is a new and exciting expansion of the Gina’s Blessings ministry.  With help from our partner Pastor Solomon Saiguran, we identified the remote community of Mausa on the Southern boarder of Loita Hills, Kenya that was in great need of a clean water supply for the community.  The existing water supply was virtually non existent, and to access water, each day women and girls had to walk from three to five hours down the mountain to a stream and then walk back home carrying jugs of water for the family. 

Below are photos and videos documenting the progress of the Gina's Blessings Well Project.

Below are pictures and video taken in October 2016 from the Mausa community.

Without a water supply, the community would have almost certainly needed to relocate, leaving their thriving new church and school for a primitive area where old and dangerous tribal traditions were still the norm.

Below is a video of the Youth of the new church in Mausa reciting John 3:16.


Below are some photos taken on our visit to Mausa in July 2017.

By August 1, 2017 the well in Mausa was very close to completion. The drilling was complete, and we were waiting word on the progress to complete the masonry building that will support the holding tank, and also the final installation of the pump and solar panels.


Through the Gina's Blessings project, over $30,000 was contributed for the Well Project in Mausa. We are thrilled to say that the well was completed in mid - August 2017.

Be sure to watch the video below from Pastor Solomon taken in late

August 2017.

The community of Mausa has now become a gathering point for hundreds if not thousands of inhabitants of the area.  These people will not only have clean water, but access to church and school for the children.  The Well Project has truly been a life changing event for this community.

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