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This is a video which contains highlights of my trip to Loita Hills, Kenya in November of 2011. I filmed much of the video on the move at each location, and I also had help from members of Pastor Solomon's local Pastors and Elders.  

 Bill McRae

The clip below is Pastor Solomon Saiguran at Naikara Boarding School, Loita Hills, Kenya, July 2015

This clip is Pastor Solomon telling the story of Nashipae Kamilo at Naikara Boarding School, Loita Hills, Kenya July 2015

The clip below is from Naikara Boarding School in SW Kenya.  This is the end of day assembly.  The children are singing, "When Jesus say yes, nobody don't say no".

Below is a video of Pastor Solomon with a 12 year old girl from the town of Mausa that was rescued from a forced marriage.

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