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Gina's Blessings Mission Statement


The mission of Gina's Blessings is to support orphan and disadvantaged children in the Maasai tribal region of Loita Hills in Southern Kenya.  Currently, over 90 children are now part of the Gina's Blessings Project.  For just pennies per day, you can send a needy child to a high quality boarding school, enabling that child to have a life that is nurtured and safe, and provides a quality educational foundation that gives the child a chance for a bright future.

The children have been identified by Pastors in the area to be in significant need.  Most have lost one or both parents, and resultingly, their lives are at great risk.

Many of these children have already turned to Christ for salvation. Without an education, however, they have little hope of breaking away from tribal customs, which are often by western standards, cruel and barbaric.  Young girls are particularly at risk.  When a young girl reaches child bearing age, they are often sold for a cow or other livestock to older men who often have multiple wives.  These girls are often subjected to female genital mutilation.

Kenya promotes free public education.  However, the free schools in this region are little more than baby sitters with little educational value.  Since families are required to provide daily transportant, attendance is spotty at best. The best schools are boarding schools. God is still present and taught in the boarding schools in this region. Goals and objectives taken from scripture are posted in the schools.  Unfortunately, orphans and fatherless children have no one to pay for their tuition. The cost for tuition, supplies and uniforms in grades 1-8 is just $350.00 per year. The average cost for children in grades 9-12 is currently $500.00 per year.  These costs provide everything that the child will need for an entire year.  These boarding schools, provide the children with food and shelter during the school year, a consistent curriculum and a significantly lower absentee rate than the free public schools.

For the price of two gallons of gas or two iced coffees from the coffee shop each week, we can educate, clothe and feed an orphan child who has already turned to our God for salvation. Without our help, these children will have no education and no future. Many will return to their tribal life and customs. 


We at Gina's Blessings believe Jesus when he said in Mark 9:37

"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me."


In life, Gina touched the hearts of many children with her endless love and devotion. In her memory, it is our goal to spread this message of love and devotion through our Lord Jesus Christ, to every child in Southern Kenya, and eventually, around the world.

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