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God's House is a project to build churches in Africa for existing Christian congregations. Many church congregations in Africa have no church building or structure to hold services in. Instead, they meet under a particular tree each week to worship. Services often last four or more hours and water is limited to what they bring with them as they walk to and from the worship site. Some congregations have been meeting under the same tree for 5 years.

The God's House project built its first church in the village of Olgarua in the Loita Hills of Kenya in 2009.  Funds have been sent to Kenya to complete two other churches which had been started with local funds, but the work was not done. 

This project is not pure charity. As a pre-requisite, we require that each congregation in Kenya acquire the land where the church is to be built. Additionally, the men in the congregation are required to provide the labor to construct the church. In this manner, the ministry is able to completely construct and furnish a church for a modest sum.  While these churches may be primitive by western standards, they are often the largest building in a 20 to 30 mile radius and can serve as a meeting hall for the entire village.

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